An international school offers the benefits of fostering tolerance and open-mindedness to expatriates children. International schooling facilities inTianjinare quite accessible, moreover, there are a few schools provides non-English education (e.g. French, Japanese, etc.). Before you enroll your kids, make sure you and they are satisfied with the available services. It is noticeable that the vacancies of international schools are very limited during May to July; make a reservation as early as possible. School tour and enrollment assistance are part of ANQI free orientation services, please contact us if you need further information.
International schools
AddressNo31 Zijin Shan Road, Hexi District,Tianjin, ChinaTel: (+86) 22 233 43375Fax: (+86) 22 235 33932info@regoschool.orgwww.regoschool.orgSchool Summary:UK, curricula. GCE, IGCSE.150 students, 3-18 yrs.
TianjinRegoInternationalSchoolis exclusively for use by expatriate families. Situated in the grounds of the Sheraton Hotel it is housed in a newly refmbished building, with completely new resources sourced from theUnited Kingdom. The school has its own gardens and play areas.
All the staff atTianjinRegoInternationalSchoolhaveUKteaching experience and are graduate qualified, with the majority beingUKqualified teachers. Teachers of other nationalities, who haveUKexperience, are also employed. The school also has a supportive Chinese administrative staff and a Chinese Studies department.
Children may enter the school at age three where their needs are catered for in the school’s nursery . The Reception class, age four, follows the UK Early Learning Goals. Classes 1 to 9 follow the Key Stages of the National Curriculum of England, taking the SAT tests. Classes 10 and 11 use the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus leading to the opportunity to take three or four GCE 'A' level subjects in Classes 12 and 13, thus qualifying for entry to university .
As well as the normal classrooms,TianjinRegoInternationalSchoolhas two dedicated science laboratories, an art room, music room, IT suite with networked computers, and a language laboratory.
TheTianjinRegoInternationalSchoolprovides a regular bus service and a school lunch is available. The school also provides medical cover for all students and has its own medical room with resident doctor. Students attendingTianjinRegoInternationalSchoolwear a distinctive, traditionalUKstyle uniform.
In September 2003,TianjinRegoInternationalSchoolwill relocate to a state-of-the-art new campus. The new school will ensure that pupils will not only continue to receive a first class education and be enhanced by specialist facilities which the present site is unable to offer. The campus will include an academic building housing modem classrooms, science laboratories, music studio, ICT (computer) suite, library and additionally, there will be an indoor swimming pool, large gymnasium with full-size basketball court, auditorium,
Youth club area, fitness room, cafeteria and Parents ' room. Outdoors will include an all weather sports field (including running track and football pitch), two tennis courts and numerous playgrounds atTianjinRegoInternationalSchool
Address1 Meiyuan Road Huayuan New Technology and Industrial Garden Nankai District, Tianjin 300384 China www.tiseagles.comSchool Summary:Founded 1986 330 students, age 4-18 North American curriculum with international characteristicsAdvanced Placement courses offered in high school (9) 60 professional staff
Tianjin International School (TIS) seeks to serve the expatriate community by providing an excellent academic program, a strong fine arts program, and full access to computer technology for each student.  Bolstered by a commitment to provide academic programs from a Christian perspective, TIS prepares all students to engage in the global community.  The international experience is a priceless opportunity for our students.  TianjinInternationalSchoolhas been accredited with the California-based Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) since 1992.  Currently, it is fully accredited through 2010.   The elementary division uses traditional teacher-directed study and learning activities in Bible, language arts, science, social studies, Chinese, math, physical education, art, and music.  The program is committed to instructional strategies and academic content that complement the developmental needs of the children.  The middle school program balances an academic curriculum with a variety of sports and co-curricular classes for individual interests such as computer applications, fine arts, foreign language, and creative writing.  Students also have the opportunity to engage in competitive sports. The high school is college-preparatory in scope and is complemented by a range of Advanced Placement and honors courses. The guidance department offers assistance to students in college and career planning.  Students have access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities in sports, music, and student government.  The faculty atTianjinInternationalSchoolis committed to invest in students' lives.  The commitment to teach brings knowledge, wisdom, focus, and life to the TIS campus.  Members of the faculty are involved with the ideas and concerns of students while serving as instructors, mentors, coaches, academic advisors, club sponsors, and caring community group leaders. They are also professionals: all core curriculum teachers hold a bachelor's or master s degree in their respective fields.    The spacious facilities are conducive to quality education.  The rooms are airy and light with central air conditioning and heating.  There is a fully functioning kitchen and cafeteria as well as an additional snack bar and cafeteria for middle and high school.  The library is a delightful mix of fancy and function, inspiring student involvement.  Computer labs are fully equipped and up to date, including a wireless network system.  The school is currently involved in a new campus project, with a projected move date of 2008.  The new facilities will include a 400-seat auditorium, full-sized gymnasium, and full-sized track and soccer field.
INTRODUCTIONTedaInternationalSchoolis an international day school. Fully accredited by WASC our K-12 program serves 160 children from 25 nations. Established in 1995 by the Government of TEDA to support the foreign children of investors in the Teda area. Teda is also a member of EARCOS and ACAMIS.
Address9 Xiao Yuan St.TEDA, www.tedainternationalschool.netSchool Summary:Founded 1990160 students, aged 4 - 18 International curriculum, PSAT,SAT 26 staff fees: Government Subsidised at $8000/yr
CURRICULUMTedaInternationalSchooloffers 15 subjects and with a North American based curriculum and steers students intoNorth Americanaand western universities around the world.
STAFF The teachers atTedaInternationalSchoolare from theUS,CANADA,AustraliaandEnglandand are certified teachers in their own counties and are professionals in their chose field of education.
FACILITIES The Teda International School is in a purpose built facility with 4 labs, a gym, dance studio, theater for 250, a running track and soccer field and modern classrooms.
SCHOOL YEAR AND SCHOOL DAY Teda International School has a 180 school day year and each school day starts at 8:00 and finishes at 3:00. After school activities begin at 3:00 and run till 4:00 or 4:30.
EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Teda International School believes that each child is like a mine rich in gems and education alone can enable mankind to benefit therefrom. The gems are within the child and we find mine, and polish those gems, we don't create them.
Tianjin Japanese School Recommendation Index:
Add:JiuheInternationalVillage,140 Weiguo Road, Hedong District,TianjinTel:022-24557991
Tianjin North Korea International SchoolRecommendation Index:
Add:18mXiyuan Road, Hexing District,Tianjin,Tel:88297812  88296291
TEDA First Nursery
Add: 45 Xiaoyuan New Village,First Avenue, TEDA Tel: 022-66204044
Add:20 Third Avenue, TEDA (besideInternationalVocational School) Tel: 022-66209541 022-66209624
TianjinTEDA Kindergarten 
TEDA Third Kindergarten 
Add:3 Rongtai Street,Fourth Avenue, TEDA Tel: 022-66290955
Add: 40 Xunyuanli,Second Avenue, TEDA    Tel: 022-66221730
TEDA Second Kindergarten 
Yujia Kindergarten
Add: 40 Xunyuanli,Second Avenue, TEDATel: 022-25325526
Add:15 Jieda Street,Third Avenue, TEDA (north of Sunlight New Trunk Line) Tel: 022-66289041

Elementary Education
TEDAFirstMiddle School 
Add:37 Third Avenue, TEDA Tel: 022-66291994 66291984
Add:9 Xiaoyuan Street, TEDA Tel: 022-25290136
TianjinWanboBoarding School 
Add:Weishan Road, Shuanggang Economic and Technological Development Area, Jinnan District,TianjinTel: 022-25892001
Add:3 Eleventh Avenue, TEDATel:022-60661111
TianjinBinhaiPrimary School 
TianjinBinhaiMiddle School
Add:71 Third Avenue, TEDA Tel:022-66226888
 Add:71 Third Avenue, TEDA Tel: 022-66226888
TEDAFirstMiddle School 
Add:21 Xiangshi Road,Third Avenue, TEDATel:022-66219739

Vocation Education
TianjinTEDAFootballVocational School 
TianjinTEDAInternationalVocational School 
Add:22 Third Avenue, TEDA             Tel: 022-62000553
Add:Third Avenue, TEDA Tel: 022-283070320

Higher Education
Nankai University TEDA Institute 
TEDA Vocational Technology Institute
Add:22 Third Avenue, TEDA Tel: 022-66229400
Add:9 Thirteenth Avenue, TEDA Tel: 022-60662222
Wanbo Institute
Add:3 Eleventh Avenue, TEDA Tel: 022-60661111/1009

TEDA Institute Students Work Office (tutor services)
Add: the thired Avenue, TEDA              Tel: 022-60382259
Add: Rm105, 6,23 Hongda Street, TEDA    Tel: 66229389

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