Tianjin is one of four major municipalities directly under the Central Government of our country, the urban commerce is flourishing, various business streets, places of trade and business, more and more, very various, have formed the famous commercial city of our country. As have only kilometer of one municipalities directly under the Central Government from Beijing, Tianjin much place of first-selection that Beijinger go on a tour on holidays, because the price of Tianjin is much lower than that of Beijing, do shopping and become a quite important ring while travelling. There is a modernized one inTianjin, the large-scale comprehensive commercial building with complete category, there are antique small specific stores. Lie bank river dishes of business street of Haihe River and peaceful way business street are most flourishing shopping center in Tianjin, there are large-scale emporiums such as Chuanye market, Hua Lian commercial building, Department Store, bank river commercial building, lucky mansion, international market ,etc. in these two streets, there is henry watchmaker's shop, GuanShengYuan food supply retail shop, holds old established firms such as the tin good fortune hat shop ,etc..

Can not merely buy local famous local product and handicraft to do shopping in Tianjin, 18 street fried dough twist, imperial court half dry white wine and clay figurine pieces of painted sculpture, Tianjin kite, Tianjin tile carving, willow youth of Tianjin draw etc. for instance, can also buy national and even from all parts of the world goods, so long as visitor can hesitate time every large shopping street and shopping plaza in Tianjin " wash the treasure " slowly, will reap to some extent definitely.

The business street of the special is as follows, bank river dishes of business street, clothes street, peaceful way business street, estimate clothing street, little white floor business street, Shenyang dishes of ancient object market.

Characteristic market: Market of Chuanye of Tianjin, Tianjin Department Store,Tianjinmarket, peaceful commercial mansion ,etc.

The special product in Tianjin

 · The Youth willow draws

Tianjin folk art treasure. It is one of the famous folk wood engraving pictures in our country too. In the period of Guangxu, the New Year picture here enters hemera. Its comprehensive China's ancient painting, tradition originally carve the form of expression of the print, industrial art, drama stage, early works are mostly that the maids of honour draw and the baby draw, Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, in the period of Jiaqing, there is innovation on the skill and technique. Appear many heavy and complicated scene of personage, have powerful connections, the props set off the theme by contrast. Influenced by the fact that the scholar drew again in the period of Guangxu period, the technique of painting is fine and smooth, the picture has epigraph. It take woodcut chromatography and artificial method that colored drawing or pattern combine together make, formed have dishes of strength woodcut sophisticated appeal of effect, there is a unique style of national painting. Use many kinds of tactics such as the implied meaning, writing or painting realistically ,etc., reflect the actual life, current events custom and historical story, each is distinct and lively , seething with joy, welcomed by the masses.


Tianjin carpet produces have his own unique skill and style. Craft carpet draw, entangle craft, depth made to knit polish skill and technique, cutting slices of craft and chemistry wash is initiate and develop unique of pattern of Tianjin, the carpet woven out is strong but pliable in texture, whippy, firm and durable. In addition, the pattern is numerous in variety, create new classifications such as the Greco-Roman Style, Dunhuang designing type, fine arts type, color design, plain ancient type ,etc.. Find a good sale in more than 40 countries and regions, in world, enjoy the good reputation of " soft relief ", " brocade blanket ". Large-scale artistic tapestry of " the Great Wall " 10 meters long, 5 meters high which the General Headquarters of the United Nations hung, it isTianjincarpet.

 · A painted sculpture of Tianjin clay figurine
The clay figurine of Zhangzhiming can be said to be widely known, has already spread five generations so far from the 1st generation of Zhangmingshan, ZhangMingShan is from the teenager, must pinch the exclusive of the clay figurine all alone, is especially good at the personal portrait. A most excellent works of clay figurine are that " Chung Kuei marries the sister ", this set of works has 29 statues in all, personage's movements, the personality expression have nothing in common with each other, are a set of rare artistic treasures.

 · Kite Wei

It is the kite produced by Weiyuantai who is the famous art person to make the kite, , call " kite Wei ". For improve the pitch attainments of kite, he repeated research birds and winged insect hover posture and body every proportionate relationship of position of them, apply to the making of the kite. Kite that he pitch can dismantle exhibition fold, more than 0.33 meter long kite, can put in a light envelope after folding, it is easy to collect and carry. Flat type, bow type, stereoscopic type, one bunch of types and pocket type nearly more than 200 kinds kites which he develops. Imbued with national characters in colouring, what used retreated and lettingFranceand changes in temperature faint to compare with the tone on absorbing the colored drawing or pattern of ancient building, make it suitable for the characteristic let fly away in high altitude more.

 · Black pottery production

The black pottery is the old culture and arts crystallization inChina, rise in the Longshan culture of later period of the Neolithic Age of our country of 2500 B.C.. This kind of purely hand-made black pottery products, its characteristic is black, thin, smooth. Pure to draw base, artificial polishing, carve, enter cellar person who fire black pottery product that procedure make by hand, hard and bright, embryo quality is fine and smooth, the pattern is novel, can present color and luster such as the purple, indigo, silver under different light, there is good reputation " black like the jade such as the paint , light ".

 · The paper-cut ofTianjin

The craft history is long, press close to the people's life very much, a kind of arts of masses popularized extensively. Paper-cut used for people festival of making room internal and external doors and windows ornamental, clothes, vamp embroider pattern ,etc. often. The Yi DeYuan in Qing Dynasty, actor of paper-cut, inherit and develop traditional paper-cut skill, abandon the cut adopt the knife, the special-purpose knife to carve, combine paper-cut art and the figure for shadow-play, paint-coated art, make it have new style and artistic characteristic. In content, he has created a lot of works taking legend story as subject matter, make the paper-cut develop into the artistic creation from the folk craft. The paper-cut of Tianjin, the note is smooth, the lamination is clear, it is meticulous to portray, feeling and setting happily blended in the picture, birds and flowers personages are vivid, it is a ornament with higher art appreciation value.

 · Winding wheat and meal stone

Under a foot of the hill in Ji county, the meal stone reserves of the wheat are abundant. Put the stone in the palm to rub, crush like the meal form of the wheat. Rinse the wheat and meal stone well, soak with the boiled water, have obvious curative effect in order to wash analeptic, eczema, tinea pedis, prickly heat ,etc.; Clean, put into water, can purify drinking water, make water dissolve, check oxygen to be further more abundant; Regard it as the microelement additive, in order to make 13 kinds of food such as the soy sauce, vinegar, candy, beer, can strengthen mouthfeel and nutrition; The wheat and meal stone can change soil PH value, change salt and alkaline land into neutral soil property, promote the crops to increase production by a wide margin. Winding wheat and meal stone have different packaging, sell in tourist spot and shop, and exploit and export in a large amount.




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